Violent and sweet: interview with Skottie Young

Skottie Young works in the comic book industry since 2002, when he realized Legend of the Spider-Clan for Marvel Comics. From then on, he worked on several projects (The books of Oz) and lots of cover for the publisher. In 2014 he worked as a solo artist on the Rocket Raccoon series and in 2015 he realized his first creator owned series for Image Comics, I Hate Fairyland.

Friday, October the 28th, 9.30 a.m. I briefly meet with Skottie Young to arrange a proper time for the interview I will have with him later in the day. Immediately, he shakes my hand showing a big smile.
Happy for the opportunity, he tells me that he will have some time after his signing and sketching session. I come back at 11:30 and he is still drawing and signing, answering to the requests of the fans. He talks with them, he draws rapidly and precisely, always with a relaxed and satisfied expression on his face. He cheers the other authors present at the Bao Publishing stand and he makes jokes.
Energy, fun and kindness condensed in a two-meters tall man, framed by a baseball hat.
When the session is over he comes to me, begging for pardon for being late.
We decide to get out from the hell pit that is Piazza Napoleone’s pavilion and sit into a bar, drink something and talk. We order a non-alcoholic drink (for me) and a Moijto (for him), we sit and then he starts asking about me and my life.
I am astonished by the spontaneity of our talk, about the feeling and the connection that is immediately established.
Skottie is an enthusiastic person, curious, his drawings reflect perfectly his vivacious personality, a man full of passion and talent, but really human and humble. Waiting for our drinks (gently offered by him), completely fascinated by him and perfectly at ease, I start asking him some questions about his life, his work and his career.

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