The Wild Dog Justice – Interview to Rick Gonzalez (Arrow)

We present an interview with actor Rick Gonzalez, who play the role of Wild Dog in the tv serial Arrow. Gonzalez worked on many serials and movies as War of The Worlds, Mr. Robot,  Cold Case.

How did you get the role of Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog on Arrow? Did you do an audition?
I auditioned for a part on Arrow with no knowledge it would be ‘Wild Dog’. The character I read for had a different name, and the scene was very vague. I learned about ‘Wild Dog’ when I spoke to Maya Mani our costume designer who mentioned I will be playing a vigilante. I was shocked and excited to hear the news.

You play a role based on the DC Comics character Wild Dog, whose true identity is different than the one showed on the tv show. How did you prepare for this role? Did you use the comics to inspire you through the process?
Preparation for this consisted of me focusing on the basic ideas I was given for Rene in the first and second episodes of the show. James Bamford our director for the first 2 episodes worked closely with me to outline Wild Dog and his temperament. On a tv show actors learn about their character as new scripts are released for each episode. I looked up the Wild Dog comics but didn’t read them. I wanted to approach him from a clean slate as I new the producers of Arrow would want to create a new energy for my character.

The RecruitsHow was it to work with Arrow’s cast and especially with Stephen Amell?
Working with this cast been really great. Everyone enjoys each other’s company and gets along really well. To me Stephen Amell is the perfect lead of the show. Encompasses professionalism when at work and yet brings an energy that allows everyone to feel safe and comfortable as an actor. Not to mention he’s super funny. Plenty of laughs on set. What’s up Echo and Joe!! Ha!

What kind of differences are there between you and the character you play in everyday life?
Well one of the main differences between Rene and me is the catastrophic moments that helped shape Rene Ramirez into who he is. He’s a man who has shut down his emotions and built a wall up to protect himself. I’ve had some crazy moments in my life but nothing to rival or compare to what has happened to Rene. Rene also has a fearlessness that I admire, which propels him to protect others and be a vigilante. I believe we’re similar in that regard since I’m a father and a husband.


You played a lot of characters in many tv shows and movies. How was it to work on a tv show about superheroes?
This is the ultimate moment of playing make believe and reliving moments as a child pretending to be a superhero. I get to tap into pure fun and suspend disbelief in the purest form everyday. Very grateful to be a character in the D.C. Universe and bring him to life for the first time before anyone’s had the chance. Putting on the costume and wearing the mask gives a rush straight to the 10 year old inside of me.

What are your future projects?
I’m excited for everyone to see a new movie I’m in which is yet to be released called Deuces. A crime drama starring Larenz Tate, Meagan Good and Lance Gross, produced by Queen Latifah. Stay tuned for that

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