Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Interview with Rick Gifford (actor)

Let’s go behind the scenes of Marvel‘s Agents of SHIELD with an interview with actor Rick Gifford, who in the sixth episode played the small role of Adam Cross, one of the first victims of the Chitauri virus. Rick spoke to us about his short but intense experience on the set of the serial by ABC. Rick has a long resume theater and television, having appeared in numerous TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Person of Interest, Army Wives, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and many others.rickgifford

How you get involved in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD? Did you attend to an audition?
Yes. I went to a audition. Then to a callback, then to producers callback which includes Casting, the Director, sometimes the writer and some producers. But once all those people approve, you still need to have approval from the Network executives and the studio executives. So there are usually several people who have to give a thumbs up even down to a co-star role.

Your role is relatively small, but what can you tell us about this experience in agents of shield?
Yes, small but pivotal throughout this episode. I shot for a full week on set. The experience was amazing. The cast and crew were very generous, and everyone is working so hard, and pushing to get a job done on time, on budget, and yet it was always about the show, the art, and making the best episode possible, and staying true to the Marvel’s philosophy.

Your character has to do with a very specific situation in absence of gravity. Can you describe the realization of this scene? Was difficult?
The shoot of being suspended was an extremely physical shoot. I was raised up 30 feet high for a couple hours, holding my breath because I’m dead, and it’s a lot more challenging then it sounds. For a couple seconds on screen you see bits and pieces in various scenes of me being suspended, and it looks amazing, thanks to the crew trying to figure out the reality of that situation and make it real, the cast acting “as if”, and the director getting shots that make it look larger then life. as they say “It takes a Village”.

How it be to work with the rest of the cast? Do you want to say something about them?
The cast was was amazing!! Truly. Their like one big happy family. And they should be because this show is doing so well, some of the best storytelling on TV today. God Bless Joss Whedon. I love that guy. He is breaking TV boundaries unlike any other TV executive in the industry today.

Which are your projects for the future?
Right now I just wrapped a Feature called “Undateable John” a romantic comedy about A slacker surf instructor, who’s on and off the wagon, and gets his life together when he falls for a beautiful but troubled young woman he meets in Alcoholics Anonymous. A great cast of characters which star Estella Warren, Daryl Hannah, Tom Arnold, Joan Jett, John Philbin and several other talented artist.


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