Between Tv Shows and Comics – Interview to the Screenwriter Bryan Edward Hill (Dc Comics, Ash VS Evil Dead, Top Cow)

Lo Spazio Bianco has interviewed Bryan Edward Hill, Screenwriter of Ash Vs Evil Dead two days before the cancellation of the show. Hill has worked on Postal and Trinity: Pandora’s Box for Top Cow, with drawing by the italian Alessandro Vitti; Also Hill worked on Detective Comics and Micheal Cray (DC) and different TV Broadcast. Actually he has working on a movie and in this interview he talk about the Writer’s job in the comics and TV fields.

This interview was made in collaboration with Emanuele Crivello of Evil Dead Italia and Non aprite questo Blog, under the supervision of the translation of Susan Leighton, editor of

You can read the first part of the interview at the link at the bottom of the page.

About Ash VS Evil Dead:
Between the writing of the episode and the actual realization, how many changes have occurred? Can you tell us some behind the scenes?
Not too many, and all of the changes made the episode better. In television, the show-runner guides everything after the other writers finish their scripts and Mark did the great work of refining every script, making them as effective as possible.

What changes between writing a comics story and writing an episode of a TV series that involves many more people in the making?
Any time you adapt a written work you have to make changes, just to fit the format of live action. Every choice you see in a film or a television show represents the work of at least 100 people, all trying to make it the best thing possible. You try to keep the spirit of the original work, but you have to adapt it to fit the new format.

You have very respectable career, which were the authors who made you understand that in life you wanted to become a screenwriter?
George Lucas and STAR WARS were huge influences on me. As far as straight authors go, I was inspired to be a writer from reading Hemingway. There’s an honest in his work that struck me like lightening.

Which educational path must we follow to become a screenwriter? Is it enough just the school or do you have to do something outside the box?
Well, in addition to studying English, History and those disciplines, you need to read and re-read screenplays. Analyze them and learn from their execution. For me, the work of Joseph Campbell and Stephen King helped form my approach to storytelling.

Where does a good idea for a subject come from?
It can come from anywhere. Dreams. Moments in life. Anything. The key is to follow that inspiration when it hits. If you think there’s a story inside of something, there likely is.

I read the first volumes of Postal. I was really impressed by the protagonist Mark with his Asperger syndrome and his “Everything it’s in the right place” (I can not stop thinking about the song of Radiohead every time that sentence is pronounced). In Italy there are many positive reviews of the volume (published in Italy by Panini Comics). How was working on the plot and what are the satisfactions that came with this publication?
That was really challenging because it’s a story about people, not superheroes. It pushed me to consider people from different perspectives and experiences and learn to write them with authenticity.

I also know that it was bought for a TV adaptation! (We also write a news of it months ago) Can you give us some updates (if you can)?
Nothing yet, but if people follow me on twitter @bryanedwardhill you’ll get updates as soon as I can share them!

If you had not been a screenwriter, what would you have done with your life now?
Batman. I would have been Batman.

What are your future projects? Where do we have to wait? TV or comics?
Currently I’m writing TITANS for DCTV, my DETECTIVE COMICS story starts with the first issue in June. I’m writing MICHAEL CRAY for DC as well, and a few other projects that I can’t announce at the moment. Should have a feature film announcement soon. Follow me on social media!

You can continue to read the interview about Hill’s work on Ash VS Evil Dead clicking here

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